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Important BUS info!

Pulaski has 3 additional "GROUP" bus stops for parents to bring their students to get the school bus.  These new stops will be drop off point in the morning and pick up points in the afternoon, they will be served by Bus 11.

Poplar Rd @ Garrison Rd- pick up time 8:15am
Acushnet Ave @ Churchill St- Pick up time 8:18am
Acushnet Ave @ Jordan St- Pick up time 8:19am

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As a Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School, Casimir Pulaski Elementary utilizes arts integration to enhance learning; providing instruction in the academic disciplines through the integration of the visual and performing arts. Through these experiences, we educate the whole learner, focusing on such skills as critical thinking, investigation through creative ideas, and self expression.Our mission is to provide a quality education through shared responsibility in a safe supportive environment for all students to meet the challenges of a global society.

Important Info!


Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Casimir Pulaski Elementary School Tardy Policy has been developed to emphasize the importance of each student being in the classroom for the entire period, as well as arriving on time to school every day. Learning the responsibility of getting to class on time is an integral part of the Pulaski standard of excellence, which prepares students for success. 

In our school, instructional time is viewed as a precious resource. Consequently, we view chronic tardiness as a serious problem. 

Thank you for your support in ensuring that students make maximum use of class time and learn to be punctual. School begins at 8:45a.m. Beginning the day promptly is important and demonstrates commitment to success.

Tardiness to school will be unexcused even though the parent brings the student to school. Oversleeping, car/traffic problems etc. are all unexcused. Tardies are excusable by a school official under the following circumstances: 


1.  Student has a doctor/dentist/professional appointment (A note or phone call from parent or a professional note from doctor/dentist/professional will be required to verify)

2. Serious illness or death in immediate family 

3. Family emergencies (approved by Principal or Superintendent) 

4.  Religious holidays

Problems with tardiness to school may require adjustments in the family's morning schedule. 

The consequences for tardiness to school are EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: 

During a six-week period: 

  • *Tardy #1 & 2- no consequence- a warning may be given after each tardy. 
  • *Tardy #3- phone call will be made to guardian-parent meeting scheduled
  • *Tardy 5-Student will be assigned an after school detention with Assistant Principal 

 Each tardy after the 3'" tardy in a six weeks will result in (1) after school detention. 

The Principal has the right to substitute an alternative disciplinary intervention for repeated offenders or any other

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